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People who rent — rather than buy — will soon have a place in Deltona to call home.

The City Commission agreed to change both the land use and the zoning of almost 35 acres on Deltona’s north side for the development of rental-only housing.

“The project we’re proposing is consistent with the comprehensive plan,” Glenn Storch, attorney for the developer, told the City Commission Dec. 12.

The “comprehensive plan” is the state-mandated growth-management plan that serves as a guide for developing Deltona and assigning zoning for housing, businesses, industrial sites, schools, parks and other must have and nice-to-have assets.

The developer is MAS Development of North Miami Beach.

Deltona Community Services Director Ron Paradise said the project, known as Catalina Pointe, will “be a showcase development,” with a mix of duplexes, cottages and town houses located on Howland Boulevard close to its intersection with Catalina Boulevard.

The total number of homes will be capped at 280.

“There’s nothing less than 300 square feet,” Storch said.

As outlined, renters in Catalina Pointe will have a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a fitness center and a trail system.

A restaurant will be built on an outparcel fronting on Howland Boulevard.

Storch said Catalina Pointe is needed to provide workers — especially those employed by Amazon and Halifax Health — a place to live.

The rent will not be cheap: probably about “$2,300 per month,” Storch said.

The project’s cost is estimated at $70 million, Storch said.

Though residential in character, for taxation purposes, Catalina Pointe will effectively be a commercial development, so its property taxes will not be reduced by homestead or other exemptions, as would be the case with owner-occupied homes.

Deltona alone may reap as much as $900,000 per year in additional ad valorem tax revenue. Volusia County and the city will also collect impact fees and proportionate-share payments for transportation improvements.

Commissioner Dana McCool questioned the ability of Volusia County’s public-school system to take in more children. Catalina Pointe, officials say, will add approximately 36 new students to the area’s schools, notably Timbercrest Elementary, Galaxy Middle and Deltona High.

December 22, 2022
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